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William Hill Betting App Review

Synonymous with being one of the oldest betting companies in the world, William Hill have now added to their massive range of stores and online website with the introduction of their all new, feature packed William Hill betting app.

It’s often tough for companies with the heritage of William Hill to continue to keep up with global trends, and as we know only too well at MBG, the future of betting lies within the mobile markets. William Hill consistently strives to retain their place near the top of the pile so it will be interesting to see how the William Hill betting app fairs up in our review page.

For more information on how to download the William Hill betting app then please check our download section by clicking the link to right. To find out everything you need to now about the app then simply continue reading our William Hill betting app review.

Bonus and promotions

If you register a William Hill account today then you will become eligible for a free £25 bet upon your first deposit and wager. This means that whatever you deposit up to £25 will be matched and accredited to your account in the form of a completely free £25 bet.

It’s worth noting that accounts registered via the William Hill app may not be eligible for this bonus offer. It’s for this reason that we recommend you sign up for your account via your PC or mobile browser first, before then downloading the app and signing in with your account. This way you can be sure to receive your £25 free bet.

Overview, design and feel

When you first enter the betting app you can straight away recognise that it’s one of a kind. That’s providing you’ve had experience with other betting apps before. Many have decided to take the minimalistic route in terms of fewer graphic and more text. William Hill have gone in completely the opposite direction and fired in a bunch of very stylish navigation icons that look stunning.

It’s a bold move to go against the ‘norm’ in any market, but betting apps can be a volatile market with usability often the main issue. William Hill has defiantly found a really nice mix of design and usability with their app with the implantation graphics rather than text, working in perfect harmony.

Features and interface

We start our features section right at the opening screen of the app, and once again William Hill has taken their own twist on how a betting app should be. Instead of going straight into their sportsbook, you have the option of the sportsbook, casino, ‘Shake-A-Bet’ and the Racing Post app. We’ve come across very few apps that actually give you the option before entering any specific gambling genre and it really underlines that this more than a betting app, but much more a multipurpose gambling app.

The added casino section is concise but affective with blackjack, roulette, jacks or better and slots all available. Granted the options are a little low, but with the options listed, most people’s casino needs will be met. Let’s also bear in mind here that this is prominently a betting app, so the casino is a real bonus.

We briefly mentioned the ‘Shake-A-Bet-App’ and we could write a while review on it, it’s so much fun. But let’s just take you briefly through what it is and how it works.

So Shake-A-Bet is a feature where you can select between horse racing and football betting markets, select your stake, how many bets you want it cover and then the returns you want to receive. Once you’ve done this you shake your phone (see what they did there!) and the app brings up markets with the odds of potential bets that will accumulate to the amount you were hoping to win. Things such as first goalscorer, correct score, racing results, handicap betting, you name it, the app browses these markets to fire up some random choices. You can ‘shake’ as many times as you like and it’s really quite good fun if nothing else. It’s certainly innovative from William Hill, and we do like our innovations at MBG.

Let’s get back to the sportsbook….

The In-Play betting section of the app is something we are always welcoming in any betting app and William Hill hasn’t failed to deliver. By selecting the In-Play icon you are shown a host of leagues and sports of which games are currently running. It handily gives you the current score and importantly time elapsed in the game, essential features for live betting.

William Hill have always been a big time bookmaker when it comes to horse racing and their affiliation with the Racing Post has been implemented in their betting markets. When punters open up a betting market for a future race, there will be a little snippet from a pundit at the Racing Post about potential horses that could bode well in that race. It’s an excellent touch and if you are a relative newcomer to horse racing, then a godsend of a feature to have at your disposal.

One thing we have been crying out for is a way to really personalise the betting app around your betting needs. When we saw a big ‘settings’ button on the app our juices started to flow. Unfortunately we were left still wanting as all you could edit were the odds from fractional to decimal. There weren’t even any options to change the language on the app making it a little one dimensional.

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Sports and markets

If you are familiar with our betting app review pages then you will know that we like to compare how many markets our betting app has to their website. As we were researching this we found something extraordinary with the William Hill betting app. It actually had MORE markets available on the app than on the William Hill website!

A staggering 49 betting markets were found on the app with only 30 online. There is literally everything possible to bet on with your usual favourites such as cricket, football, rugby, golf and horse racing, to things a little less mainstream such as yachting, handball, hurling and even bandy!

Now at first we were quite shocked to find such results, but then after a quick brew, we then thought that it’s basically the way the betting world is heading. More apps will become more diverse than their more established websites as the increase in mobile technology continues. Major kudos to William Hill for starting the trend!

It’s not just the sports that are there, the markets complement them really well with a diverse amount. Some have more than others, granted, but nonetheless each have a host of high quality markets in their own right.

The only thing holding the markets back are the lack of international markets. Take football for example, whilst it’s got stacks of UK markets, European leagues seem to have been overlooked somewhat, which is a shame as it’s a feature many rival apps have covered.

Cashier, account and support

Once again William Hill has kept their icon based theme within their account and cashier section making for easy navigation and a real eye pleaser. The cashier allows you to deposit and withdraw from your card already attached to the account, but if you want to add or remove a card you will be prompted to phone William Hill telephone services to do so. It’s something that’s probably going to be in the best interest for most users in terms of security.

As far as support goes, well it will prompt you with the same number to ring in order to speak to an advisor. There’s no sign of any FAQ section which would have been a nice touch, but support is tough to give over an app and it’s something that’s pretty much a given in the industry.

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Navigation and placing a bet

Navigation on the app is simply superb. The icons make it so easy to move to the markets that you are trying to find whilst the bottom navigation bar will allow you to dive straight back to homepage, onto your account setting, or betting slip in an instant. We would have liked this navigation bar to be fixed, meaning you don’t have to scroll right down to the bottom of the page. It’s certainly an important enough feature to have in your eye line at all times.

One thing that does concern us is, although the graphics look stunning, we are using a Wi-Fi connection and have noticed the odd market to just lag a little. Under a 3G connection the app will likely lose a little performance due to load times.

Placing a bet is really simple and works as all good apps should. Once navigated to your market, you can then pick your bet and the bet ends up in your bet slip which can be accessed from the bottom navigation bar. After you have finished your selections, the bet slip allows you to enter your betting amount before showing estimated returns. As ever with this app, in a classy fashion.


Vary rarely do we get to the verdict section of our reviews where we have very few negative things to say about any app. In fact, we could count on one hand how many times. But with the William Hill betting app we are once again struggling in our quest to be objective and as scrutinising as possible.

The app is simply stunning and almost perfect. The graphics are really clean and sleek whilst there seems to be no compromises in usability. The loading time of weaker 3G networks may become a problem for some, but with Wi-Fi loading times were superb.

There are few apps in the current market that have performed as well as the William Hill betting app and as much as we tried, we simply can’t fault it.