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Sports Betting Apps

The sports betting market is now a multibillion pound industry and it’s a sector where many betting sites focus the majority of their knowledge and time. Each sport will grab a certain percentage of the market, some much more than others, however you only need to look at some of the UK’s largest betting sites to see the array of sports on offer. Companies like bet365 have over 50 different sports in which they offer some form of markets all year round.

It’s easy to get caught up in the amount of sports on offer with most betting sites and in all honesty many of the smaller sports will have very little money matched with them. Nonetheless bookmakers are really aiming to please their punters and if they can set a line for their punters then why wouldn’t they want to offer it?

With so many sports on offer with most betting apps we have used this section to give you the rundown of the best apps for each sport. Obviously some apps will offer better experiences than others for certain sports, so it’s important we highlight these for you. It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t be surprised to see a repetition of the major bookmakers in the market and ones that we are happy to promote. These guys are up there for a reason, but keep an open mind when you’re choosing your bookmaker and make sure it fits your specifications, not ours.

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus
1 Bet365
£200 Review Download Claim Bonus
2 Bet Victor
£25 Review Download Claim Bonus
3 Betfred
£50 Review Download Claim Bonus

Sports Betting Apps

Mobile Sports Betting – The influx of mobile sports betting has given bookmakers a chance to branch out and utilise the technology of smartphone betting to their advantage. Just about every bookmaker now operates some sort of mobile betting or at least a mobile betting site. Its without doubt one of the more popular forms of betting these days and we have looked at some of the best mobile betting apps on the apps to use for sport.

Basketball Betting Apps – Basketball is one of the biggest sports in the US, but not only is it popular across the pond, it’s a sport that is gaining big following in Europe and the UK in particular. The introduction to basketball betting apps from some of the biggest bookmakers in the world have been one of the many factors to really put this sport on the mobile betting app market.

Boxing Betting Apps – Boxing is one of the largest sports to bet on anywhere in the world. Even though the sport doesn’t get the coverage of some of the larger sports, many apps have integrated boxing into their betting armoury perfectly. We have looked at some of the best boxing betting apps with information on the app, features and free bet offers for you to decide which is best.

Cricket Betting Apps – Cricket betting has been one of the biggest developing sports betting markets over the past few years, especially in the UK. It’s largely down to the success of the national team rising to number one test ranked nation, T20 World Cup winners and also providing competitive One Day international team. The increase in spectator numbers due to T20 cricket has also seen somewhat of a betting boom for cricket. We look at the best cricket betting apps on the market.

Cycling Betting Apps – 2012 has been a breakthrough year for cycling in the UK with the success of the Olympics and the likes of Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour De France. It’s only natural that cycling betting is going to become bigger with the increase in exposure. As this happens so do the number of cycling betting apps on the market along with the exposure mobile betting apps are giving the sport. We look at the three best cycling betting apps in the market to date.

Darts Betting Apps – Darts is one of the biggest grossing sports in terms of television viewing figures in the UK and Ireland. In fact, only football beats darts for viewing figures. Betting sites have integrated a host of darts betting apps into their arsenal and its these apps that we have looked at to bring you the best darts betting apps on the market. included on this page is a host of information on the latest free bet and bonus offers from each betting app.

Football Betting Apps – There are few sports which even come close to football betting in the sports betting industry. It’s simply massive and the coverage bookmakers give it lets us punters in for a massive treat. There are some of the most obscure markets you can think of on offer and all available at your fingertips. The best thing about football is the integration betting sites have made to the mobile market. With most apps every market you can get online is available from their betting app. Take a look at what we think is the best football betting apps on the market.

Formula 1 Betting Apps – formula 1 has one of the biggest following of any sport; in fact the sport is so popular that SKY Sports have a completely dedicated channel to the sport. The influx of formula 1 betting apps has prompted us at MBG to produce a comprehensive look at some of the best Formula 1 betting apps on the market. Alongside this we have three great betting bonuses from each of those apps exclusive to MBG.

Golf Betting Apps – golf betting is certainly a market that is on the up and the inclusion into betting apps shows that bookmakers hold it in high regard. Whilst it won’t be as big as some of sports, its generally a market that can yield big profits with long odds due to large field sizes. The integration into a host of betting apps has allowed us to rate the best golf betting apps on the market for your pleasure.

Greyhound Betting Apps – Greyhound betting apps are one of a long list of new sports that have taken to the app market. A little like horse racing, greyhound bettors have found themselves wanting to compare more prices whilst at meets or even just simply on the go. Greyhound betting apps allows them to do this quickly and for free. Within this article we look at the best apps for greyhound betting and also the top bonuses on offer.

Horse Racing Betting Apps – Horse Racing is without doubt one of the biggest sports for betting on the world; in fact it’s argued that without betting the sport might have died. As the sport continues to bring in the success that it does, as does the exposure from some of the leading sports betting apps in the world. We have reviewed the top three horse racing betting apps in the market and also have produced some of the best horse racing betting offers to accompany that.

NFL Betting Apps – The NFL is one of the biggest growing sports leagues in the world. It’s now very much a multinational league and one that is broadcasted live in a host of countries around the world. The introduction of NFL betting apps has added to the global appeal of the sport making it available right around the world. We have brought three betting apps which we feel are the best for betting on the NFL via your mobile.

Rugby Betting Apps – Rugby has been a strong part of the UK’s betting culture for many years now and the sport continues to provide a huge market for bookmakers all around the world. The inclusion of rugby betting apps has allowed the sport, like many, to compete to the ever increasing mobile betting market. We have given you a taste of three of the best rugby betting apps on the market along with a heap of information on the free bets you can receive from each app.

Snooker Betting Apps – Whilst snooker may be the first sport people jump for when it comes to mobile betting, it does actually have a very large following in the betting industry. Once more, bookmakers are very keen to offer an array of snooker mobile betting markets for their punters across their betting apps. We have looked at some of the best snooker betting apps on the market along with information on the app itself and its bonus offers.

Tennis Betting Apps – Tennis is actually one of the biggest sports in the world when it comes to online betting. It’s probably of very little coincidence to hear that tennis betting apps are starting to become on the most popular amongst a host of bettors. We have looked at tons of tennis betting apps and have managed to bring you some of the best on the market to date.

UFC Betting Apps – Whilst UFC is still a relatively new sport it’s mobile betting markets continue to grow. We have brought you three of the best UFC betting apps on the market along with information on their features, offers and more importantly, what they offer you as a UFC bettor.