Pay Per Head

Technology has helped tons of industries compete in global markets and the sports betting industry isn’t any different. For years now, local bookies have been using pay per head services online to streamline their business. There are an incredible number of benefits for using a PPH service including the ability to save money, offer your clients more wagering options and offer players the ability to bet 24/7 without the need to contact you every time one of your clients wants to place a bet.

The pay per head industry has evolved a lot the past 10 years. Years ago there were literally hundreds of PPH shops online trying to grab a share of the market, but the entire industry has been consolidated over the years. Now you’ll only find the best PPH shops that have lasted the test of time. The PPH company that I use for my business is for several reasons. They have been in business since 2007 and the features on their software suite are incredible.

One thing you’ll notice with the best pay-per-head services is that they all offer the ability to offer more than just a sportsbook to your clients. For instance, 247PPH allows your bettors to play online casino games and bet on horse races in Canada and the US. When you decide to join a PPH service you typically need to put money in a “Bank” with the PPH services. The money will cover the costs of your clients while you’re working on building up your online presence.

Small and large bookies will be able to benefit from using a PPH service such as 247PPH. You only need to pay a flat fee for each client that uses the PPH software. Everything is handled on your own website, so you’ll be able to brand and market your site to other bettors around the world although you need to take care of your own processing. Since you only need to pay a flat fee per client you never need to worry about spending more than you actually need to.

One of the problems with running a bookie business nowadays is that a lot of clients have been looking to move to online post-up shops due to the better selection of bets and the convenience. Your players will be able to place wagers on tons of sports 24/7 and you can allow your bettors to place quite a few different types of bets if you wish. As a bookie it can be hard to always keep track of bets and how much you’ve been earning/losing all the time and it’s very hard work.

By using a Price Per head service such as 247PPH you’ll be able to pull reports of each of your clients action, which will help you identify exactly where you’re making money and where you’re losing the most money. Keeping track of various sports and moving odds can also be tiresome for a bookie, but by using a service like 247PPH you don’t need to worry about that anymore. Live odds are available to each of your players around the clock for them to place as many bets as they’d like as long as they don’t exceed the limits you set for them.