NFL Betting Apps

The NFL is not just the biggest sport in America; it is loved all over the world. Given the fact that a season game is played in Wembley with talks on going to take games to other parts of the world, the NFL has become the home of a truly global game. It is also the home to a sport that is adored by gamblers all over the world with a great deal of money being placed on games in the normal season, the playoffs and of course, the Superbowl itself.

With so many mobile betting apps providing NFL coverage, we have spent a good deal of time checking out the best NFL betting apps. We feel that the three apps below are amongst the best in the business at the minute in terms of market coverage, betting coverage and also free bet availability.

#1 NFL Betting App – Bet365 (£200 Free Bet)

Gridiron fans around the world are able to watch the NFL on TV or on computer but having the chance to place a bet on the matches really brings the sport to life. With the Bet365 mobile betting app you can place a bet on any match, no matter where you are. Whether it is in the normal season or in the end of season play-off games, you can increase the excitement by placing a bet on the game. In fact, Bet365 won’t be beaten in terms of betting markets for the NFL as it’s simply superb.

Everyone wants to maximise the amount of money they can bet with and Bet365 are providing an excellent opportunity for new members. Not only can you sign up for the mobile betting app, you can get your hands on a free bet worth £200 with a 100% matched deposit bonus. This should be appealing to all mobile betting fans and the minimum amount is £5, so the offer is open to all. If you want to receive the full offer then you will need to deposit £200 or more; just follow the link below for more information.

#2 NFL Betting App – BetFred (£50 Free Bet)

BetFred may be more commonly associated with football but they also have a strong following for American football, which is just as well for all you NFL fans out there. Getting the BetFred mobile app provides you with the perfect platform to bet on the big matches and to take advantage of their many betting markets associated with the NFL.

The NFL is a sport that BetFred loves, but not as much as BetFred loves giving away big bonuses to new members. You can get your hands on a free bet worth up to £50 when you sign up for the BetFred mobile betting action; so this is definitely something to look out for. You can grab the 100% matched deposit free bet with as little as £5 but if you are looking to win big, go big and grab the £50 free bet, then click the link below to get moving.

#3 NFL Betting App – BetVictor (£25 Free Bet)

The NFL season doesn’t last all year round but when it takes place, BetVictor is all over the sport. Their mobile betting app provides coverage of all the games in the regular season and beyond so you need never miss out on an NFL bet again.

There is a great opportunity to take advantage of the BetVictor betting app with a free bet up to the value of £25. Anyone signing up for this offer will have the chance to bag a £25 free bet when they register a new account today. This is a very attractive matched deposit offer so if you want an extra bet to hopefully boost your bankroll; BetVictor is the mobile app for you.