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February 9, 2012


At Mobile Betting Guide we are constantly looking at ways we can improve the user experience of betting platforms on mobile devices. We already have plans set afoot to expand into the mobile casino market, but recently we have seen a surge in the use of mobile games and are already looking at making a games section.

The popularity in mobile games has come about due to the fact that so many betting portals are finding new ways in which to increase their exposure in the mobile market. Companies such as have a host of favourite games fully available to mobile users via their betting apps. In terms of growth we see this market as becoming very lucrative – going from the popularity of both mobile betting and mobile casino – but we feel it’s important to recognise the best way in which to infiltrate these markets.

Which games are available?

The majority of games are brands in which we are all too familiar with such as the likes of Deal or No Deal, Monopoly, Spiderman, Bejeweled, scratch cards and many more. As the technology available at our fingertips continues to increase, the demand for new and innovative gaming ideas increases. These games are pretty much all going to be flash based programs which leaves us wondering if they will take off due to the limited access from the worlds biggest mobile phone manufacturer apple and their current iPhone series. As far as we are aware there seems to be very little interest in the iPhone adopting flash into their products anytime soon which could see a somewhat limited availability for these users.

Where do mobile games go next?

Well we also recognise that not all mobile bettors use an iPhone. Platforms such as Android and Blackberry are both Flash enabled so users will be able to access them of these devices. What we believe the best course of action for most betting platforms would be to publish the games via a different means. The increase in flexibility of the new HTML 5 scripts will allow a certain amount of creativity for each game, thus opening up and much wider target market.

Will mobile games take off?

We’ve already stated that we feel that it’s going to be the next ‘big thing’ when it comes to gambling on your mobile. There are no doubts that obstacles need to be addressed, such as the Flash based programs, but from our time in the industry it wont be too long for betting platforms to overcome these problems and produce mobile games technology that can be accessed on a much wider basis.

The next step for Mobile Betting Guide is to certainly investigate further into how best to promote such products. Rest assured that we will be in contact with many of the leading Mobile games companies to work ways in which our customers can not only access these games, but also take advantage of the best gaming offers from said companies.

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