Mobile casino – The future?

November 22, 2011


There’s no doubt that mobile betting is here to stay. It’s still in a relatively small scale of its development at the minute, but nonetheless, reports keep firing out the facts that it’s an industry massively on the increase. Most, if not all, online bookmakers are spending millions of pounds in producing quality betting apps for their punters. You only need to browse MBG for a short while to see how many have already implemented these features.

But what’s the next stage for mobile betting?

The business looks set to fall straight into the palms of the mobile casino industry. It just makes perfect sense really. Look at the amount of games that you can download for platforms such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Surely making casino apps will be relatively straight forward if they can produce such high quality games?

Well, even now we are starting to see mobile casino come into the market. It’s also something that we at MBG, are planning on incorporate into our site in the very near future.

As the online casino world continues to grow, and the demand for mobile technology also grows, we won’t be too surprised if over the next six months we see a host of casino sites developing and releasing apps for games such as slots, roulette, blackjack and even poker.

Moving away from mobile gambling for just one second…surely we will be getting to the point soon where companies are looking to develop a mobile ready site, before even considering a web based site! A crazy thought, but if you look at the facts, mobiles and tablets are outselling that of PC’s and Laptops. Who knows, the PC may banish all together!? It’s certainly an interesting concept.

Just based on the traffic that comes in to MBG, we see around 30% of it from mobile browsers, this is pretty huge when you consider all the options you have of accessing a site like ours. Granted we are mobile orientated so mobile traffic is likely going to be higher, but I’d be very surprised if many websites aren’t actually see a massive increase in mobile browsers accessing their site.

Back to mobile casino’s to wrap up this article. We asked if it’s ‘the future’ at the top of the article. And our answer to that would be no, as it’s here now. Its trends like these which start small before booming and we feel that getting a foot through the door in the mobile casino world now, will reap the rewards down the line.


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