Mobile Betting Industry Update #1

November 29, 2011


As part of our quest to bring you the latest mobile betting industry news, we welcome you to the first of many weekly updates in the gambling sector.

As you will be familiar with, we live, breath and sleep mobile betting so hopefully these articles will bring you a breakdown of the week’s news in a more sizeable manner.

Mobile gamblers take bigger risks

A recent study conducted by Southern Cross University, found that gamblers who bet using their mobile phones were more likely to take bigger risk and hence, wager lager amounts than that of people betting on internet gambling websites.

It’s thought that the freedom and constant access allows users to interact more freely with betting markets and the accessibility of having these betting markets available on their phone adds to the ease.

As the mobile betting industry continues to grow it’s thought that implementation of casino games will soon become a big feature for future online gambling. At MBG we will be looking to add casino features to the site in the coming weeks and months.

PokerStars release mobile poker app for Italian customers

We were surprised to hear the news that PokerStars had decided to release their first game based poker app into the Italian market. On reflection the stats speak for themselves, with Italy having some of the highest Smartphone usage in Europe with 34% and the introduction of the Italian based PokerStars server, it seemed to make a little more sense.

Since the mobile software company Cecure Gaming, had bought out PokerStars in 2009, it was a matter of time before they took to the market with a brand new app. Also as they continue to be the biggest and best poker room online at the minute, kind of goes hand in hand.

It’s relatively surprising though as mobile poker hasn’t even nearly had the effect mobile betting online has in recent years. Nevertheless, if anyone can make this successful, it’s sure to be PokerStars.

Is mobile bingo the future?

Every mobile betting site in the land is looking for the ‘next innovation’ to come from the mobile betting platform. Well, Bingo could be the next big thing over the coming months.

Mobile bingo is already growing in popularity and markets such as the UK are enjoying an influx of companies releasing bingo apps for platforms such as Android and iPhone. mFortune leads the way as one of the largest mobile bingo retailers at the minute and their bingo app is the most popular in the UK market.

Bingo has been a market that has had to move with the times over the years. The days of packed out bingo halls are long gone and then online revolution has promptly kicked in to fill the bingo players fix. Mobile bingo is just another tick in the box for this remarkably futuristic betting industry.




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