Ipad Betting Websites

Whenever you are on-the-go on your Ipad and you need to place your bets on an important game, just open Mobile Betting Guide to find the best Ipad Betting Websites.  Mobile Betting Guide looks for the best licensed, safe and user-friendly betting websites on the market.  With so many to choose from and many risks like spyware, viruses and annoying pop-ups, we ensure that you have the best betting experience on your Ipad.

The best thing about Ipad betting websites is that you do not need to download a single application; just sign-up on their website and start enjoying the offers that only the best betting websites can give.  We do test these websites, review them and share our thoughts with you and we expect you to be satisfied with our results.

In addition, feel free to navigate around the page for more knowledge on other equipment’s betting websites.  You could also subscribe to us, so you will be the first to know as soon as we update and upgrade our top Ipad betting website reviews.  If you have any doubts or questions regarding our website you are also free to comment or contact us at any time.

#1 iPad Betting Website – Betfred

Offering daily specials as well as great bonuses and customer service, Betfred is one of the world’s biggest independent betting brands.  Their input in sports like the World Snooker Championships, which they sponsor every year, makes them one of the most known in the UK.  What better way to bet on your favorite sport than clicking on Betfreds quick links?

As far as website navigation goes, Betfred is one of the best, ensuring quick and easy sign-up as well as betting shortcuts on their main page.  Often called The Bonus King, Betfred remains on top of our list here at Mobile Betting Guide for their unbeatable bonuses.  Their customer service also stands out for their quick response, whether it’s on your Ipad or by phone. 

As far as their offers go, The Bonus King invites new users to try their bonus for up to £50.  All you need to do is sign-up, place a deposit between £5 and £50 to receive the equivalent amount in your account as a welcome bonus from Betfred.  Mobile Betting Guide places Betfred as our number one Ipad betting website for their unbeatable offers.

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#2 iPad Betting Website - Bet365

Another Ipad betting website that has great offers is Bet365, one of the most known websites with over 5 million users all over the world.  Bet365 attracts sports fans with their twenty thousand live sports event coverage per year.  Their website has many languages to choose from as well as live chat to help you with any doubt or question that you may have.

EGaming Review Magazine has awarded Bet365 with “Operator of the Year” in 2010, transcending from other Ipad betting websites.  Their online casino has over 150 games to choose from and their other game options have different bonuses, such as bingo, lotto, poker, Lord of The Rings and Ironman 2 among other games.   Their poker network is the largest online network in the world and they include live dealers on many other casino game tables.

Bet365 also has great offers to choose from; just sign-up on their website and enjoy a £200 welcome bonus as well as a referral bonus for you and a friend.  Also, mobile users get 100% match bonus, so if you have a mobile phone with you, you might want to bookmark their website as well.  Mobile Betting Guide recommends Bet365 for their sports coverage, their vast range of games as well as their sweet offers.

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#3 iPad Betting Website - Paddy Power

As a result of the fusion of three important bookmakers in Ireland, Paddy Power has extended its outreach to the UK these days.  They also hold a Guinness World Record for the biggest Strip Poker Tournament and sponsoring the world’s first Father Ted Festival, you can be sure that Paddy Power is one of the best ways to bet when it comes to Ipad betting websites.

Their website is one of the most organized, replacing boring word links with actual Icons and updating their app if you feel the need to download it.  User reviews point out their easy navigation through the website as well as the accuracy between the website and the shop.  Therefore, you will never miss a thing while you’re out and about on your Ipad and feel like placing a bet.

Their offer isn’t as attractive as their past two contenders; however, their website is one of the best you could find for your Ipad.  For every £10 you place in bets of ½ or greater odds, Paddy Power will deposit £20 into your account, which isn’t too shabby.  Mobile Betting Guide recommends Paddy Power for their user-friendliness, odds accuracy and website layout.

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