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Best Mobile Betting Apps

At Mobile Betting Guide we look to bring you the latest betting apps on the market on offering a choice of some of the best mobile betting apps around. We understand that the smartphone world is one that changes very regularly with new makes, models and handsets being released every few weeks it seems.

To accommodate our multitude of mobile betting users we have brought to you some of the best betting apps from a host of different manufactures and software providers. Each section will give you the rundown of the best app for that specific manufacturer. Included a will be information on their latest offers and short section stating why we think that betting app should be where it is in our list.

Rank Bookmaker Rating Bonus
1 Bet365
£200 Review Download Claim Bonus
2 Bet Victor
£25 Review Download Claim Bonus
3 Betfred
£50 Review Download Claim Bonus

Best Mobile Betting Apps Guide

Best Smartphone Betting AppsWe thought we would start this section of an overview of which companies we think currently have the best smartphone betting app overall. It’s not an easy pick in this section by any means, but we’ve tried to take all the features on offer for each app before coming up with our top three. It may actually be that numbers two or three may suit your needs more, but we base our view on their overall functionality.

iPhone Betting Apps – The iPhone from Apple needs no introduction from us. You will know that the company sell more smartphones than any other manufacturer on the market. What we love about the iPhone is that it really brings a sense of professionalism and ease of use from betting apps. Most betting apps are available on the market but feel free to see who we rank number 1.

Android Betting Apps – The platform that has rivalled the iPhone the most is undoubtedly Android. The company have now been able to go head to head with Apple and betting apps compatible with the software work seamlessly. Again most betting apps are available on Android with a host of betting offers to accompany them.

Blackberry Betting Apps – Blackberry offer its betting customers a host of opportunities to download betting apps. Unfortunately not all platforms are supported on Blackberry but don’t worry, as we have given you a rundown of the best Blackberry betting apps for your pleasure.

Samsung Betting Apps – Samsung are one of the biggest technology firms on the planet and it’s of no surprise that on almost all of their latest smartphone devices you can download the latest betting apps. The apps range from company to company so take a look at which apps we find the best for the Samsung device.

Nokia Betting Apps – Nokia have been in the mobile industry for what seems like forever. They were one of the first companies to really latch onto the smartphone concept and since then have added mobile betting apps to their armoury. Nokia betting apps are freely available from most bookmakers.

iPad Betting Apps – Following on from the success of the iPhone, the iPad has probably been just as big, if not a bigger success. It allows people to have a larger version of the iPhone (or smaller version of a laptop) in the palm of their hands. iPad betting apps have been taken to a new level from this tablet and all compatible apps are a real pleasure to use.

HTC Betting Apps – One of the relative newcomers to the smartphone market is HTC. Whilst they may be new, they have made massive strides with their new concept phones making a real dent on the market leader’s market share. Their betting apps are available on all HTC devices so come and take a look at which betting apps we think are best for your HTC device.

iPad 2 Betting Apps – The launch of the iPad 2 has taken tablet use to a new level and its reported that 1 in every 5 homes in the UK own an iPad tablet. The new retina display screen and lightweight design has just added to the iPad’s already stellar reputation. Their betting apps are multi-functional and available for free from the top betting sites.

LG Betting Apps – LG have been producing high quality phone and mobile devices for years now. The success has seen a host of the best bookmakers make their betting apps compatible on LG devices. As ever the betting apps are completely free but feel free to take a look at our best LG betting apps for yourself.

Sony Ericsson Betting Apps – We are delighted to announce one of the latest smartphone devices to the betting app market in Sony Ericsson. The company has allowed their phone users to take advantage of the betting apps currently on the market. We have rated the top 3 Sony Ericsson Betting apps.