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Betfred Betting App Review

Betfred are now one of the most recognisable betting brands throughout the UK. With over 5000 employees in 750 shops, Betfred are a major force in the world of online bookmaking. As they continue to try and stay up to date with modern technologies, they have followed the path of many online bookmakers by releasing their Betfred betting app.

Betfred have managed to once again consolidate themselves as a market leader in the online betting industry with the introduction of their betting app. The app works flawlessly and with very few minor points, resulting in it’s outstanding rating that we at Mobile Betting guide have seen fit to award.

To download the app straight away please click the download button to the right of this you will be guided towards our step by step ‘How to download Betfred App’ guide.

To find out more about the app and information on the features that the app has to offer then simply just continue reading our Betfred betting app review.

Betting bonus and free bets

Betfred offer a generous £50 welcome bonus for any new customer that registers and account today. It’s a 100% match bonus so whatever you deposit up to £50 you will be given in return as a free bet.

It’s worth noting that registering a new account via the app itself may not trigger your free bet. What we recommend is that you register your account via your PC, laptop or mobile browser, and then from there you can download the app and simply log in to use it.

Overview, design and feel

The app itself
The fewer graphics on page has a handy upside and this comes in the form of loading times. It’s extremely slick and quick and breezing from one page to another takes no time at all. If you were ever without Wi-Fi then the app would still be a winner on 3G network pretty simple, which is never a bad thing when it comes to any sort of app. The concept is to provide as many of the features of their website, but in a much simpler format. Kind of without all the gimmicks, which is what they have done. The homepage of the site is basically a list and whilst not the most appeasing in terms of ‘gizmo’s’ certainly has a look which can be attributed to their corporate design.

The addition of a navigation bar at the bottom of the app allows users a quick entry or exit from their current market with options to the menu, account and help sections. Be noted though that this navigation bar can be a little temperamental and we have had several occasions where the app has crashed when trying to function this.

Another tidy feature comes in the form of the app being able to work in both portrait and landscape modes. This is especially handy for phones such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Blackberry Storm, all of which offer high resolution and large screens.

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Interface and features

Their actual interface is in keeping with the rest of the app with its simple layout and navigation. The homepage has an array of ‘quick links’ allowing you to dive into a popular betting market straight away then under that a ‘main menu’ section with options such as In Play, next events and sports menu.

If anything the layout is a little upside down. Personally speaking the menu and list of sports should be nearer the top with an array of quick links below. It doesn’t seem to do the app justice really and hides a lot of its features. Let’s look a little more at what features are available.

The inclusion of In-Play betting is a big plus for the Betfred app. There’s no doubt that In-Play betting is growing into a massive betting market and to have it available to all its mobile users gets a big tick from us. The In-Play page is well presented offering you a quick overview of the sports that are available for betting In-Play that day, including the start times. Unfortunately you can’t search by specific sports here, and although a small point, in the competitive market that is mobile betting; this could have been a really solid feature.

One of the coole

st features on the app surprisingly comes in the form of the log in section. After you have logged in for the first time using your account name and password, you will be prompted to enter a security pin number. The Betfred app then remembers who you are meaning each time you log in you simply need to enter this pin number instead of both your username and password. Neat!

The Betfred app also will provide you with a ‘Next events off’ section allowing you to instantly see which horse racing or greyhound races are taking place in the next few minutes, before giving you direct access to that betting market. It’s another little aspect that really starts to bring the whole app together into a very solid performer.

Sports and markets

The app offers every sport betting market the Betfred website does. There are around 20 or so in total with everything from darts, cricket, football, horse racing, greyhounds and much more. They seem to have captured the whole concept of a mobile betting app with their markets in the form of everything there, but condensed.

Similar to most UK based bookmakers; the Betfred app really gives a helping hand to those wanting to access the betting markets of football and horse racing. These two markets are both featured on the homepage and cover a host of games and races from around the world.

A popular feature on the app is their ‘goals galore’ markets allowing punters to choose from a host of games where you select a game in which you think both teams will score. Depending how many games you choose will reflect in the odds, but it looks a really fun little market.

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Cashier and account support

The cashier is simple but effective. You can deposit and withdraw from your chosen payment method and add or remove debit and credit cards. One thing that you can’t do, or at least we are unaware of, is add other payment methods such as Neteller, Moneybookers or PayPal. If they are already on your account then they can be used, but you will need to add them via your PC before doing so on the app.

As far as support goes they offer a two telephone number and a direct email address meaning you can contact them around the clock. A nice feature is that you can simply text the word ‘help’ to their mobile number and they will call you directly back. Betfred have long been renowned for a very solid customer support base, so we would expect this to be of a particularly high standard.

Navigation and placing wagers

The site navigates really well, loading times are good and you can quickly hop between markets. The inclusion of a ‘back’ button at the top of screen allows taking a step back if you either go too far, or decide against.

One thing we have mentioned already is the unstableness of the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Often it crashes the whole app meaning you have to exit and reload. Even though it does reload every time successfully, it’s still a little off putting.

Placing a wager is a doddle also, the markets load quickly and you can clearly see where to navigate to for your bet. The betting slip gives a nice breakdown of the bet, along with odds and stake amount.


Overall Betfred have made a really simply, but very effective betting app. Every sport from their website has been passed onto the app, of which you can’t really ask much more than it. Its layout is clean and a one where you can easily navigate yourself about.

The crashing issue with the bottom navigation browser is something that does concern us. It’s more of an inconvenience rather than a problem though. Knowing Betfred, we doubt the issue will remain for too long.

The simplicity of the site is really what sets it apart from most, and it’s easily apparent that they have sacrificed a little design for the ultimate in app performance.

To conclude, users of the Betfred app will certainly not be disappointed. The app is a mini version of their website in every sense and a pleasure to use.